CSA Pick-up #12

Our hearts are a little heavy this week for a couple of reasons.  First off, today is Corey’s last day here at Summit Springs Farm.  She literally just hit the road, actually, bound for her home in Illinois after giving us a hand with today’s harvest.  We are so impressed with Corey.  She came to the farm back in May having never done this sort of work before and threw herself right into all the madness of vegetable farming.  It’s tough work, folks:  long hours, physical toil, lots of details to absorb and remember, wacky farmers to deal with, etc.  Through it all, she worked hard, never complained, and really worked to get things done right.  We will miss her!  Rachael will soldier on with us until the end of the CSA in October, and I know she’ll miss her roommate and fellow apprentice, too.  We’re also sad this week because Bear, our big, fluffy, friendly, golden cat has been missing in action since Thursday evening.  He regularly goes out at night but has never been gone for any more that 24 hours.  I’m still hoping for a happy homecoming, but I fear the worst.  It’s rough out there.  There are fisher cats around, and we’ve heard the coyotes yipping and howling in the woods out back quite frequently these past few weeks.  Bear is/was the unoffical farm mascot and chief mouser, often greeting CSAers at the barn as they arrive for pick-ups and keeping the mouse, chipmunk, and mole populations in check.  I adopted him about five years ago from the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook and have watched with amusement and pride his transformation from a very chubby indoor city cat into a hunter and farm cat.  Bon voyage, Bear…we love you!
We love ya, Cogi!

We love ya, Cogi!

The handsome Mr. Bear

The handsome Mr. Bear

On to brighter things…  The farm continues to thrive this season.  The lack of rain I complained about last week was ended with a long day of soaking last Wednesday (with a major soaking of ME at the Portland Farmers’ Market) plus a brief but intense downpour Thursday evening.  Still, we could use more, especially with the heat we’re seeing so far this week…summer’s last hurrah?  Rain may come in the form of Hurricane Earl which I’ve heard might take a swipe at Maine this weekend.  The field tomatoes are in full swing, but the beefsteak and cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse are now officially done.  The gals removed all the plants last week, and Rachael and I rolled up and removed the ground cloths.  Rachael and Corey also spent much of yesterday afternoon adding soil to the greenhouse beds in an effort to build them up and add fertility.  This will help out next season’s tomatoes and the greens we plan to plant in there soon for the fall.

On to the veggies…  Your CSA share this week contains the following:

2 lbs of potatoes
2 lbs of zucchini/summer squash
1 green or red cabbage
1 musk melon -OR- 1 pint of husk cherries
1 sweet onion
1 bell pepper
2 cucumbers
1.5 lb bag of beans (green, wax, and purple)
1 bulb of garlic
Mixed beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes (up to 8 lbs)
1 bunch of parsley -OR- 1 bunch of basil

Bread shareholders received a loaf of Seeded Rye bread this week.  The goodies for sale at pick-up this week include eggs, flowers, pizza dough, pancake mix, carrot walnut muffins, peanut butter cookies, zucchini relish, and more!

The potatoes this week are Sangre (red skin, white flesh), Caribe (purple skin, white flesh), and Carola (golden skin, yellow flesh); your 2 lb bag many contain just one variety or a combination of two or three.  Carolas are to die for:  smooth and creamy, great for roasting and mashing.  You’ll swear they’re already buttered!  The cucumbers are slowing down and starting to look a little rough.  The scarring on the skins of some of them isn’t very nice to look at but shouldn’t effect the flavor.  Just peel the cukes before use.  We’re thrilled that our musk melons are doing well this year!  However, we didn’t plant too many of them and supplies will be limited this season.  We ask that CSAers who took a melon last week take the husk cherries this week to allow everyone a chance to enjoy a melon.  Cabbage is new this week, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.  It seems amazing to me that it’s ready.  In previous seasons, cabbage hasn’t gone out to the CSA until the last two or three weeks of the season, but this year, it, like so many other veggies, has come in early.  Your cabbage will keep for quite a while loose in the crisper drawer of the fridge, and be sure to check out our Recipes! page for cabbage cooking ideas.

The gals of Summit Springs Farm, 2010:  Lydia, Sonya, Rachael, and Corey

The gals of Summit Springs Farm, 2010: Lydia, Sonya, Rachael, and Corey

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