CSA Pick-up #8

Your Summit Springs Farm CSA share this week contains the following:

2 lbs of potatoes
1 bunch of Red Russian kale
1 head of lettuce
2.5 lbs of zucchini/summer squash
1 sweet onion
6 cucumbers
.8 lb bag of green beans
1 bulb of fennel
1 bulb of garlic
1 lb of beefsteak tomatoes
1 pint of cherry tomatoes
1 bunch of basil

Bread shareholders received a loaf of Seeded Rye bread this week, a hearty loaf featuring a mix of organic wheat and rye flours, flax and caraway seeds, and local honey from Tom’s Honey and More in Buckfield.

Hooray for the arrival of potatoes!  The variety this week is Mountain Rose, a pink-skinned and pink-fleshed early potato.  Enjoy, and more varieties of spuds will be coming soon!  Fennel is new this week.  This versatile veggie has a flavor reminicent of licorice.  It can be sliced raw into salads or sauteed for use in stir-fries and more.  Sonya often adds it to her famous “roasted roots” recipe, along with potatoes, beets, and carrots.  Our garlic is drying quickly and well, so there’s no need to store this week’s bulb in the fridge.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the cukes, well, so are we!  We have two beds peaking and another planting that’s starting to come in.  They’re outpacing even the zucchini this season.  Our advice?  Get creative!  Add them to your salads and wraps.  A simple cucumber salad is a staple around here at lunch in the summertime, and if you’ve ever wanted to try pickling, this might be the summer to do it.  Feel free to get in touch with canning guru Sonya for recipes, tips, and encouragement!

Changes are afoot for our market schedule this coming Saturday, August 7th.  Sonya, Lydi, and I are taking the ol’ minivan over to Plymouth, Vermont for the weekend for some festivities with my extended family, so we will not be attending the farmers’ market down in Portland’s Deering Oaks Park on Saturday.  Apologies to our “regulars” and any market share CSAers who attend the Saturday market, but we’ll be back in force on August 14th!  We’ll still be in Bridgton on the 7th as usual from 8am-1pm, so come see Rachael and Corey and their abundance of fresh, organic veggies…eggs, too!

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