All About Corey and Rachael

Now that you all know a little bit more about us, it’s time to share some background info. on our 2010 apprentices, Corey Maddox and Rachael Oyer.  Rachael has been here since April, and Corey arrived about a month later.  Both girls have been doing a wonderful job with the farm work and have been picking up the ins and outs of farming very well, especially considering the fact that this sort of experience is completely new to both of them.

Rachael and Corey planting potatoes, May 2010.

Rachael and Corey planting potatoes, May 2010.

When John asked us to tell our CSA members about ourselves–where we came from and why we chose to do this apprenticeship–I have to admit I wasn’t so sure of the last part–why–myself. So, I sat down and sorted out my thoughts, and this is what I came up with:  My name is Corey Maddox, and I am originally from Rock City, Illinois.  I have lived in Illinois for all of my life until now!  Before this, I have worked as a pizza maker, waitress, certified nursing assistant, and most recently as a leasing agent.  All of these positions have helped me grow and expand in a variety of invaluable ways.  However, a year and a half into my last job as a leasing agent at a respectable apartment complex, I was feeling a need to learn about something different and perhaps more meaningful to life.  I had once read an article about a girl who traveled the country for free while she worked on various organic farms.  Thinking back, I never thought that would be somthing I would ever do.  It’s funny how things come back up out of the blue, and that article served a purpose I didn’t know and inspired me down the road.  I am also here because I want to make conscious choices about what I eat and have a positive impact on the earth.  So far, my time here has truly been life-altering, from the unfamiliar terrain and scenery right in front of my eyes down to the newest callus on my hands.  Although, I’ve only been here for a month, John and Sonya have taught and trusted me so much at their farm. They have so far helped me appreciate where food comes from, the sweat involved in growing it, and how much better produce tastes organically.  I look forward to the rest of my time here in Maine, and I am positive I will be able to incorporate this life experience in my future.

My name is Rachael Oyer, and I am one of the two 2010 apprentices here at Summit Springs Farm.  I am learning more than I could ever have imagined about organic farming, while getting to know a great family and co-worker, Corey.  I grew up in Rochester, New York, but have spent the past few years traveling throughout the US, staying in Colorado and Washington state.  When I was working for the Forest Service doing trail maintenance in Washington, I was fortunate enough to be provided with organic food every day through an Americorps program.  This is where I became increasingly interested in the state of our agriculture in this country and decided I couldn’t stand by while the quality of our food diminished so rapidly.  So here I am, trying to learn as much as possible about farming and about myself. From the little experience I’ve had here, I am already interested in starting my own organic produce and livestock farm in the future.

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