2010 CSA pick-up #1

And, we’re off!  Your very first CSA share of the season contains the following:

1/2 lb bag of salad mix
1/4 lb bag of arugula -OR- 1 head of Napa cabbage
1 head of lettuce
1/2 lb bag of spinach
1 bunch of French Breakfast radishes
1 bunch of Red Russian kale or Winterbore green kale
1 pint of strawberries
1 bunch of herbs: Sage -OR- Oregano
1 herb seedling
Bread share folks received a loaf of “John’s Daily Bread” this week, a whole wheat/white wheat combo perfect for sandwiches or toasting.

A few notes on the bounty:
Our salad mix is made up of three or four different varieties of lettuce plus arugula, mizuna, tat soi, senposai, baby Red Russian kale, and baby red mustard. Enjoy! There’s nothing quite like a salad of fresh, spicy arugula with a simple vinaigrette and maybe a handful of walnuts and some feta or goat cheese. Don’t be afraid to apply a little heat to arugula, either. Last week Sonya made pork chops and served each chop on a bed of arugula. The meat wilted the greens perfectly, and the flavors together were superb. I also put arugula on a pizza recently, and THAT was very good! Napa cabbage, or Chinese cabbage, is great raw or cooked. It can be the base of a wonderful Asian-style salad or chopped and thrown into stir-fries or homemade eggrolls. Ideas for what to do with this unique green and recipes in general for the vast majority of the veggies we grow here at Summit Sprimngs Farm can be found on our Recipes! page. Just look around, find the veggie you’re curious about, click on it, and view some recipes. We’re constantly revising and expanding our recipe index, so please e-mail us or comment on the blog with any favorite recipes of your own!

Also, a note about our strawberries. You may notice that many of the berries this week are small and a bit misshapen. The reason for this is because of the two or three nights of rather heavy frost we had back in the second half of May. The strawberries had already begun to flower, and the frost damaged those blossoms, resulting in the damaged fruit that followed. Things should improve as the strawberry season rolls along since the fruit we’ll be picking will have appeared from flowers that were put out after the frost.  Note also that those funny little berries are still delicious…the damage is all cosmetic!

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