April potluck and more…

After a spectacular run of sunny and very warm days, today is cool and overcast with a little rain here and there, a perfect day for paperwork and blogging.  All is well on the farm.  For the first time in a long while, Sonya, Lydi, and I are alone.  Pete, the intrepid English WWOOFer, left this morning, bound by bus to visit a friend in Boston.  During his 10-day stay he cheerfully did a ton of grunt work for us:  Digging up (and then reburying) a problematic spigot by the greenhouse, removing sod and adding earth to three new perennial beds in the yard, filling the infamous dip between the road and the yard by the barn with gravel, collecting eggs, etc.  On an especially rainy morning early last week, he even babysat Lydia while Son and I got some paperwork done.  Many thanks again, Pete!  Kate Jones is also gone, southbound to visit friends and relatives for a few weeks before starting her preceptorship in New Hampshire.  Thanks to you, too!  We won’t be alone for long, though.  The first of our 2010 apprentices, Rachael Oyer, arrives on Saturday!

Sonya’s been keeping busy out in the greenhouse.  Spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and celery have all been sown this week.  Also, little pepper, eggplant, and herb seedlings have been transferred from drill trays into individually-celled trays, a process called “pricking out”.  It’s thrilling to me every time I go out there and see more and more trays!

We’ve set the date for our next potluck:  Saturday, April 24th from 5 – 9 PM.  Bring a dish to share!  As always, if it’s warm and inviting outside, we’ll set up and eat out there and perhaps get a bonfire going, too.

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