First off, I’d urge all the cooking enthusiasts out there to click on over the “Recipes” page, and check out the new additions.  I’ve recently added dozens of new recipes and updated a few older ones, too.  Thanks to Kate for her help finding many of the new recipes!

Just a few weeks ago, we signed Summit Springs Farm up with an organization called WWOOF.  The name stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (this was news to me…for years I thought it was Willing Workers On Organic Farms), and the idea is that farms play host to folks traveling through from other countries in exchange for a bit of labor.  For years we’ve heard tales of friends and acquaintances WWOOFing their way through Europe, and we did some research a couple of years ago about WWOOFing opportunities before we traveled to India (we wound up not WWOOFing at all there, but there was certainly the option to do so in many regions).  We were very into the idea of being hosts, too, and sure enough, we already have our first WWOOFer!  He is Pete Lewry, and he is a native of London, though he comes to us from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he has been living and working for the past year or so.  So far, he’s helped Sonya out with some greenhouse work, he gave me a hand last Friday picking up our 50 new pullets from Sumner Valley Farm, and he and Kate tackled a number of random little farm betterment projects this past weekend.  Pete will be with us for another week or so, and we’re excited to have another pair of hands available to help us as we get ready for the farm season.  Other WWOOF inquiries have been coming in steadily as well, so as the season rolls along we may well have a bit of help and company coming to us from all over.  Hooray!

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