Happy trails!

Our winter travels officially began today.  This morning, I drove Sonya down to the train station in Portland for her journey to Kripalu in western Mass.  She’s taking a 2-day yoga workshop there and has been very excited about going!  Meanwhile, Lydia and I are here at the farm for another couple of days before we pick Son up and proceed south…stops in Connecticut and Washington D.C. are planned before the long haul down to Florida for Christmas.  I plan to blog here every now again to keep folks updated on our progress and note any interesting farm-y/food-y stuff we run across…stay tuned!

While we’re gone, Kate will be here keeping an eye on the place.  If you’d like eggs, call the farm at 998-2196.  Kate will be answering the phone if she’s here and checking for messages when she’s not.  Also, she’ll be driving down to Portland next week for the next installment of the Monument Square winter farmers’ market.  That’s on Weds. 12/23 from 11 AM until 1 PM.

For our CSA members, don’t forget that the deadline for signing up for next season is Jan. 1.  After that, we’ll be opening up to those on our waiting list and to the general public.  We’ve already heard from a number of folks, and we thank you for renewing your membership and supporting the farm!

From all of us:  May you and yours have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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