Post-Thanksgiving thoughts

Well, we certainly hope everyone had a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.  We had a great time here at the farm with my sister and her family, visiting from the Keene, NH area, plus Sonya’s old farming friend, Cynthia, up from Connecticut (those two met and bonded while working for the legendary George Hall a few years back).  The feast was superb and featured:  a wonderful turkey from our friend and fellow Portland Farmers’ Market vendor, Dan Perron; stuffing made with LolliePapa Farm’s bread; mashed potatoes with taters from Rippling Waters (alas, our own small supply ran out a couple weeks ago!); our own mashed carrots and turnips; our own squash; Cynthia’s creamed onions and mashed rutabaga; homemade cranberry sauce; Sonya’s excellent gravy…and, to send us completely over the edge, a trio of pies:  carrot, apple, and pecan.  Bliss…

Of course, some farm work always calls.  Last Friday, we took advantage of my brother-in-law’s muscle and my sister’s offer to watch Lydia and moved the younger, black chickens from Field 1 all the way across the farm to Field 3 behind the greenhouse.  Moving the portable coop was easy…it rolled along nicely in spite of the rain.  The hard part was rounding up and catching the 40+ chickens and moving them over to their new area.  Nervous chickens, plus a steady rain, plus a lot of mud made for quite a long and eventful roundup!  I made some flying tackles out there…  It wasn’t pretty, and we were all completely filthy after the fact, but we got all the chickens where they needed to be.  They’ll be more or less where they are now through the winter.  The other group of chickens are gradually making their way towards the front of the greenhouse where they will hang out until spring.

We also took a little post-Thanksgiving field trip up to Johnny’s to pick up our seed order.  It was a bit of a shock to get nearly $500 worth of seeds in a smallish paper sack!  Lydia charmed the pants off the ladies working in the shop there, and we impulsively picked up a few more odds and ends:  a few more hand hoes, another lettuce knife, and a Solo sprayer for foliar feeding.

We plan to leave on our winter road trip in less than three weeks, so we’re scrambling to get things in order.  With much of our seed now in hand, Sonya is working on next year’s planting schedule.  I’ve been cutting wood and doing random little jobs outside:  covering our mower, spader, and fencing supplies for the winter, sealing up the greenhouse sides, stowing hoses away, etc.  It’s a little odd but nice NOT to be in Portland this week.  I’ll be back next week, though, for the first installment of the winter market.  If anyone is interested in eggs this winter and can’t make it to Portland, feel free to call up the farm at 998-2196 to check on availability and pick ‘em up right here.

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