Updates and the final “regular” Portland market

I’ll be heading down to Portland again this Weds. for the final installment of this season’s Monument Square market, armed with fresh eggs and lots of greens, including tot soi, kale, vitamin green, and possibly spinach.  Then, the market skips a week before resuming on Weds. 12/9 in winter market format:  still outside in the square but only from 11 am-1 pm.  Look for the handful of brave souls out there selling eggs, pork, beef, chicken, prepared foods, and some root crops.

Here on the farm, inside and outside work continues.  Sonya put her nose to the grindstone and worked on seeds…seeing what we have left, figuring out what we’ll need for next season, scouring catalogs and websites for the best prices, etc.  She called in a massive order to Johnny’s a few days ago, and we plan to take a little day trip up to Winslow next week to pick it all up.  It’s always a huge relief to get the seed order done for the upcoming season, and this year is no different!  Outside, I’m still working on getting the Field 2 deer fence down and put away, and each day, of course, I take care of the chickens.  They’ve continued to move around the fields, doing their thing.  Both groups are gradually moving closer to the greenhouse where they will spend the winter…not inside, but close by.  Egg production has been way down, but that’s not unusual for this time of year.

Thanks to everyone who came to last week’s potluck!  It was a small but lively group featuring lots of cute kids.  Best of all, my good friends, Terri and Ezra, and their new little fella, Rainer, made it up all the way from Somerville, MA, and then spent the night with us.  Good to catch up!  Thanks also to folks who have been dropping their leaves off here at the farm.  We still plan to get some of them on the fields before the snow flies and then save the rest for mulching some of next season’s crops.

Finally, here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Eat well and give thanks!

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