Markets, markets, and a word of thanks

I completely neglected to mention here that Sonya worked the new Bridgton indoor holiday market last Saturday.  It’s happening each Saturday morning from 9-1 at the community center behind the Magic Lantern Theater.  Attendance last week was light as folks are still learning about the market and the vendors are trying to get more signage up and around town.  Check it out!  Sonya will there each Saturday until further notice selling eggs, carrots, and more.  I will be back in Portland’s Monument Square tomorrow, too, for the weekly market.

The season proper is over, of course, but the off season has been feeling pretty “on” so far this week.  Sonya’s been busy inside working on next year’s seed order and getting financial and renewal info. to our members.  I’ve been on the computer, too, getting the farm’s 2010 pamphlet together.  Outside work continues, too…next year’s garlic is now mulched and ready for winter, all of our harvest bins and buckets have been scrubbed down and stowed in the barn, and I’ve begun the process of taking down the deer fence around Field 2.  Never a dull moment…

And finally, many thanks to friend-of-the-farm extraordinaire, Hank Mosher, for his efforts last week installing a light in our veggie cooler.  It somehow never occurred to us during construction that a light in there would be a good idea, and we got through the season using a tap light (that lasted about a week until someone left it on) and squinting.  But now, the darkness has been banished!  Thanks, Hank!  Many thanks, too, to everyone who has hooked us up with leaves this past week.  Keep ‘em coming!  The garlic mulching is done, as I mentioned, but our goal is to have a stockpile of leaves bagged and covered over the winter and ready to use in the field next season for things like tomatoes and peppers.  You can drop them off anytime over to the right of the barn, or let us know, and we’ll come pick them up for you.

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