CSA pick-up #15

The 15th pick-up of the season falls on the 15th of the month? It was meant to be! Your CSA share this week includes the following:

.7 lbs of mixed beans
Cucumbers: 1 large -OR- 2 small
1 bunch of celeriac
1 bunch of broccoli raab -OR- red mustard greens
1 bunch of Swiss chard -OR- Red Russian kale
1 bok choi -OR- 1 head of Napa cabbage
1/2 lb bag of salad mix
1 head of lettuce
1 bunch of French Breakfast radishes
1 head of garlic
1 lb of yellow pears -OR- cantaloupe (full share members only)

Those lovely bags of beans are a mix of Provider greens, yellow wax, and Royal Burgundy purple. Alas, some of the fun is lost in cooking since the purple beans turn a dark green. Do an impromptu taste test, as we did here at the farm over dinner last week, and decide which beans you like best! The pears this week are from one of the trees in our yard. When fully ripe, they turn yellow…most of them need a little more time, so be patient! The cantaloupes are ready to go, however. You full share folks picking up in Portland and Bridgton received your cantaloupe last week, so there won’t be any in this week’s share. We hope to have enough pears in the coming weeks for our half share members, too. Potato lovers, never fear! We have so many greens coming in that we decided to take a little break from potatoes. They’ll be back next week along with leeks, so dust off your favorite potato leek soup recipes and get ready!

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