Canning and Idling

Happy weekend to all! It’s still muggy, but at least we got a little rain last night with more expected today. Some crops, especially those we’ve just put in the ground in the past couple of weeks, really need it!

This probably goes without saying but Sonya has canceled the tomato canning class that was scheduled for today. No tomatoes (or very few) means no canning, alas! We’ll try again next year. We do have a TON of cucumbers, however. They are not picklers…they are Marketmore slicing cukes…but they make for great bread-and-butter pickles, and we may try making relish this weekend. If you’d like some extra cukes to play with, give us a call or send an e-mail.

I also want to echo an e-mail that Son sent out to our members after the Tuesday pick-up here at the farm: PLEASE do not leave your car running while you’re picking up your veggies. We know it’s been hot and that a cool car is a wonderful thing, but it’s wasteful and the exhaust is smelly and annoying and leaves dead spots on the grass. So, save some gas, put a little less carbon into the atmosphere, and turn off the ignition! We appreciate it! (This goes for you folks who pick-up at the U. U. Church on Allen Ave. each Friday, too!)

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