The Weeding Party Report

As Sunday winds down, we Summit Springs Farmers are tired but relieved to have had some significant weed pressure relieved as a result of the efforts of some very dedicated CSAers and friends!  Thanks to all who came to our first-ever weeding party:  Rick and Kyle, Jean, Becky and Jacob, Joelle, Eddie, Anna, and Ellen!  Hooray!  As a group, we finished off the jungle overwhelming the winter squash in Field 1 before moving to Field 2 to whip through two beds of onions and leeks.  Your efforts probably saved us a solid week’s worth of weeding, so thanks again.  Thanks, too, for the yummy food afterwards at the potluck.  I didn’t bring the camera out into the fields to capture the weeding…too muddy…but did take some shots inside during the meal.  Check ‘em out at the bottom of the post.

As a postscript of sorts to the last posting about the tomatoes, I want to also report that yesterday I spent the morning cutting down our potato plants.  Normally what happens is that once the plants die, they are cut or mowed down.  The tubers have reached their full size by this point, can remain safely underground, and can be harvested whenever they are needed.  We simply chose to bump us this process by a few weeks.  The plants were still alive and many of them looked great, but some definitely showed signs of late blight.  By killing the plants now before the fungus has a chance to spread, we hope to save the crop.  The resulting potatoes will perhaps be a little smaller, but smaller is better than none!






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  1. Sonya says:

    I also want to say, “thank you, thank you, thank you”!!! You were all such a huge help and it was nice to get a chance to get to know you all a bit better while out in the weeds. It’s amazing what so many hands can get done in just a couple of hours.

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