Sunday musings…

I (John) am flying solo this weekend. Sonya is with a big group of her Westbrook High friends floating down the Saco River on their annual canoe trip, cocktail probably in hand. So far, so good here on the home front. Lydia and I are having fun. The weather, alas, has kept us close to home, but that’s fine. (As I type, a pretty intense thunderstorm is happening.) Lydi is crawling now, by the way, so life has become much more interesting. She likes to chase the cats (they let her get just about to them and then casually slink away).

Many thanks to all of you who have responded to the announcement of next week’s weeding party and potluck, both the yays and the nays (especially the yays…yay for yays!) We look forward to getting some serious weeding done and appreciate the help!

If any of you out there do the Facebook thing, the Portland Farmers’ Market now has a page featuring web sites and contact info. for most of the participating vendors as well as market photos and news. If you search for “Portland Maine Farmers’ Market” it should come right up. Become a fan today!

The downpour is now over, the sun has returned, and a rainbow is arcing over the greenhouse.  Gorgeous!  Any rain, though, makes me nervous.  Rain is good and necessary, but I fear another stretch of wetness like we had for June.  Luckily, the farm has dried out considerably in July (which is almost over…how did that happen?)  Last week, we did some mowing, weeding (of course!), and more planting:  transplanted cabbage went into our brand new third field, plus lettuce into Field 2, and I finally seeded our salad mix brassicas.  The season keeps on rolling along…

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