CSA pick-up #7

This week’s share includes the following:

1/2 lb bag of salad mix
1 head of lettuce
1 lb bag of beets (farm and Portland market CSAers)
1 pint snow peas (Portland Allen Ave and Bridgton market CSAers)
1 bunch of Red Russian kale
1 bunch of scallions -OR- purplette onions
1 green garlic
1 bunch of herbs (choice between marjoram, thyme, or oregano)
1 pint of cherry tomatoes (for folks who didn’t get them last week)

For the record, our Friday and Saturday CSAers will probably get scallions as our purplette supply is depleted. Remember to keep your green garlic in the fridge and use it within about a week; green garlic doesn’t keep for nearly as long as cured garlic.

As for the beets…we apologize! The weather did a number on them…the rain brought on the weeds which have kept them small and the damp conditions made the greens not worth bothering with. Though small, they’re still delicious! We have more beets started in trays in the greenhouse and hope the next planting will fare better. Look for more beets (and hopefully beet greens, too) later in the season!
–UPDATE– That beet planting, in fact, gave out on us by the end of the week! As a consequence, some of you are receiving snow peas instead. Again, beets will be back in the future. Sorry for the craziness…

So, the weeds messed with your beets. Now, you can have your revenge and gain the satisfaction of personally saving some of your season’s crops. The blog post following this one is all about our upcoming Weeding Party/Farm Potluck in August. Read on, and let us know if you can join us in the battle against the weeds!

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3 Responses to CSA pick-up #7

  1. Heidi Audet says:

    Hi Sonya and John,

    I have some time Monday(July 27th) morning from 8-10 am to help with weeding on the farm. Will this time work for both of you? Let me know by tonight, if possible, so that I can plan for tomorrow. My daughter, Kate, can also help. She is almost 14, and won’t run amok!


  2. John says:

    Excellent! Come on over! The times are fine.

  3. Heidi Audet says:

    Cool! I will see you with my daughter around 8am!

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