August weeding party and potluck

Folks, we are in serious need of some weeding help!  All that June rain has really given weeds of all sorts a jump on our cultivated crops.  We will be hosting our very first weeding party + potluck here at the farm on Sunday, August 2nd.  Please come any time between 10am and 2pm to help us out with those wily weeds and from 2pm – 4pm for potlucking.  Bring along a dish to share.  If you have any weeding tools (hand hoes, cultivators, etc.) please bring them along.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any; we have some and mostly we need to do hand weeding anyway.  There may be some mulching fun as well!
A note about kids:
We’d love for them to be here, too.  We ask, however, that you remain aware of your child’s capabilities.  Even some adults have a hard time distinguishing the crops from the weeds, and we cannot afford to have anything wiped out by mistake!!!  If anyone is willing to come and hang out with the kids outside of the fields, we would greatly appreciate it!  We have a couple of tire swings, a basketball hoop, and lots of lawn to play on.  It’s difficult to generalize, but I’m thinking most 8-year-olds could be capable of some of our weeding tasks.  A few rules to follow:
1.  Walk in the tractor wheel tracks only.
2.  No running!
3.  Stay away from the deer and chicken fencing.  It’s electric!
4.  All children helping out with the weeding MUST be very well supervised.
We ask that you PLEASE RSVP for this event.  It would help us out greatly to know how many of you to expect so we can have the tasks planned out.  You can RSVP by leaving a comment here on the blog, e-mailing us at, or giving us a call at 998-2196.  Also, it is okay to only come to part A or part B of this event.
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