More meat sources…

Another source of quality beef has been made known to us:  Grassland Farm up in Skowhegan.  Their beef is completely grass-fed and certified organic.  A friend recommended them, and we now have ten pounds of ground beef in the big freezer to try.  Looks like the farm sells raw milk and some veggies, too.

And, on the front page of this Saturday’s Morning Sentinel was an AP article about an exciting new CSA development:  seafood CSAs!  The article “Pre-sold Catch Popular in Port Clyde” describes a number of Maine fishermen who are pre-selling their wares, CSA-style, to interested individuals in their communities.  It’s a way for them to get a fair price for their efforts and for their customers to get the freshest seafood possible.  The article mentions a fella in Falmouth with a lobster CSA:  people pay $125 for 25-30 pounds of lobster per month, with the price depending on the season.  That got our attention, and we may investigate a trial share!

Summit Springs Farm now has an awesome, fully functional cooler inside our little barn, and we are very, very grateful to the folks who made it happen:  Dana and Pat Jackson (Sonya’s grandparents) for the air conditioner; Howie Powell for as much free insulation as we could haul away; Hank Mosher for his electrical know-how and thermostat wizardry; and, most of all, Ron Theriault for building the room and putting all the pieces together.  Yeehaw!  Also, another shout-out to the ever-cheerful and enthusiastic CSAer, River Foss, who helped us out again last Thursday morning with weeding in the garlic and raspberry beds.  Thanks, River!

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