Welcome, Spring!

Spring’s sprung, though she’s easing in this year instead of pretending she’s summer like last year.  In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that the photos accompanying this post were taken before last week’s foot or so of snow fell…then again, much of that new snow has melted away already.  According to the folks at Sumner’s A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm, where we spent some time on Maine Maple Sunday, the conditions have been excellent for maple sugaring…that all important swing between the upper 30s and 40s by day and down into the 20s at night.  Thank God!

This time of year, the focus is all on the greenhouse, and Sonya was in there the first week of March sowing the first seeds of the season:  onions, peppers, tomatoes, and herbs, with lettuce and Napa cabbage soon after.  Lydia helped out and has her own tray going this year.  Now, we’re scaling back, of course…in previous years, there would be dozens of trays set out by this point in March.  This year, I think we have six or seven!

Our modest group of starts...everything else in the background is the work of Becky for Swallowtail Gardens.

You’d never know it to peek in there, though.  The front of the greenhouse is just about full, thanks to the efforts of our next door neighbor, Becky Moening.  We’ve rented most of our greenhouse space to her this spring so that she can really get a jump on things for her perennial flower and plant business, Swallowtail Gardens.  She’s been working out there a couple days a week and stopping by just about every day (often accompanied by her collie, Indi…referred to by Lydia as “Indi, the Wonder Dog”) to water her plants and keep the woodstove going.  We’re thrilled to have her around and glad that the space is being put to good use.  As her plants mature and she gets her stand up and running next door, please stop by, check out her plants, and give her your business!

Swallowtail Gardens' pots

Spring is coming, and Becky is ready!

There’s also action in the back of the greenhouse as our fall spinach planting has come back to life with a vengence.  This spinach is, I swear, the best I have ever tasted…sweet and almost crisp.  You can see what all the fuss is about by buying some at Square Root Natural Foods here in Poland.  We also have carrots growing out back, sown in the fall and still quite small.

Wee carrots!

In other news, I hope to launch a few spring-y projects next week, including repairs to both chicken coops, cutting more wood for next winter, and pruning our remaining apple and pear trees.  We’re also keeping our eyes and ears on the sheep as lambs might be born at any time.  Fiona and Sienna are looking pretty large and in charge these days, and we’re watching carefully for signs of labor.  We still have no idea whether Lake and/or Coco are pregnant.  They’re so much smaller than the other two that we doubt it, but you just never know.

Happy spring, everyone!  We hope to get a date down for an April potluck soon, and we’ll post an announcement here as soon as we do!

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2 Responses to Welcome, Spring!

  1. Lynda Allanach says:

    John…we love reading your blog! We look forward to seeing you this summer!

  2. John says:

    Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you and Bill soon.

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