Meat Sources

Their veggie supply for the season is covered, but quite a few of our CSA members have been asking us lately where to go for good quality, local, no-funny-business meats.  All of us here at Summit Springs Farm are omnivores.  Son and I are very enthusiastic meat eaters as long as we know where the meat came from and feel comfortable with how the critters were raised.  Luckily, we are very happy to support and pass along endorsements for a couple of wonderful meat operations right here in Poland.

At Valhalla Fields Farm, our friends Emmy and Zakk raise Icelandic sheep, beef cattle, and, most recently, hogs.  They raised their first pair of piggies last fall, and we wound up buying a quarter share of one of them.  Incredible!  The best ham and pork chops I’ve ever tasted, hands down.  This spring, we signed on for an entire pig, splitting it with Son’s mom and stepdad, and we received the goods last week.  The meat is processed and packaged at an USDA approved processing plant and arrives frozen, wrapped, and labeled.  It’s the way to go if you have the freezer space!  Visit their website for contact info. and more information.

As another source for beef, we highly recommend our friends and neighbors, Glenn and Janice Bolduc, at Spruce Bay Farm.  Their farm is on Jackson Road, minutes away from ours.  They raise Red Angus beef cattle, and their farming beliefs are prominently displayed on their website:  “Raise our natural, pasture and grain fed animals in a compassionate and humane manner; Provide quality beef to our friends and neighbors, for themselves and their families; Foster and promote the continued presence of small local farms in our country, which is a way of life sometimes long forgotten at the grocery store.”  Amen to that!

We bought one of the Bolduc’s 25-pound freezer packages last fall and have really enjoyed working our way through the ground beef, roasts, and steaks contained therein.  Check out their farm’s website for more info. about their beef and how to place your order.

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