Fall on me

As October winds down, we’re still staying busy here at the farm.  There are still crops in the field (mostly greens at this point), beds and fields to clean up, and projects to attend to.  And even more planting.  Last week, I used the last of our seed garlic to plant one more bed out in Field 3 to bring our total to five beds.  About 2/3 of those garlic beds are mulched, too, with grass clippings and fallen leaves from the yard.

Another project I can cross off my to-do list is the clean-up and expansion of the winter sheep pen.  I scraped and shoveled the now well-composted manure and hay out of the shed, lay down tarps to help extend the life of the floor, and covered it all with fresh hay and straw.  As for the yard, I decided to leave the preexisting area as is, cut out a square of fencing at the back of the old fence to add a gate, and used new fencing and metal posts to expand the yard off the back towards the woods.  The result nearly triples the sheeps’ yard area but allows us to put them into the original, smaller area if we need to (for shearing, lambing, etc.)  I just finished this up earlier this afternoon and am happy with the results!

And, bird lovers, we have exciting news:  A new batch of Guinea keets are here!  A Facebook friend of ours put us in touch with a woman named Jill from Pittsfield who had keets she was interested in selling.  She and Sonya worked out the details and met last Saturday in Auburn to swap veggies/cash for 6 keets.  The wee ones are a mere 10 days old at this point and are living for now inside a cat carrier on our porch.  We keep a heat lamp on them at night, but the porch has been sunny and warm enough on most days since their arrival that we can turn the lamp off during the day.  They are adorable:  fluffy, brown, alternately cheeping and sleeping, and eating a ton.  They are fiesty, too.  One zipped out this morning while I was putting in fresh water and enjoyed a quick tour of the porch until I was able to catch her and get her back in with the rest of her pals.  When they get a little bigger, we plan to transfer them to a larger crate and relocate them out in the sheep shed.  There they will probably stay until spring when we set them loose to terrorize the bugs!

Finally, we’re having a November potluck!  Come on over to the farm on Friday, 11/2, between 5 and 9 PM, bring along a dish to share, and catch up with us and whoever else shows up!  Dinner will probably be indoors unless we have an unexpected heat wave, but if it’s clear and not too chilly, we may get a bonfire going, too.  See you soon!

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