2012 CSA share #16

On a gorgeous Tuesday, we extend big thanks to Anna, Brittany, and Pat for their help with the harvesting this morning.  Even without Glen, we banged out the harvest quickly and had time left over to dig potatoes (we have less than half a bed left).  We’re so grateful for our Tuesday crew!  Sonya and I were just saying last week how Tuesdays, traditionally the busiest, most hectic day of the week here at Summit Springs Farm, have been remarkably stress-free this year.  We were nervous about it before the season began because of our lack of apprentices this year.  But between CSA workshare members, rockin’ volunteers, and mid-summer’s WWOOFers, 2012 Tuesday harvests have been speedy, efficient, and very, very fun.  Thanks to everyone who has made it so!

Anna's mantis!

CSA share #16 for the 2012 season includes the following veggies:

1.5 lbs of potatoes
2 lbs of carrots
1 lb of beets
1 bunch of French Breakfast radishes
A wacky choice:  1 lb of Dragon’s Lingerie beans -or- 1 lb of broccoli -or- 1 lb of cauliflower -or- 1/2 lb bag of spicy mixed greens (Friday CSAer’s:  Farmers’ choice, which may or may not include these items)
1 bunch of chard
2 sweet peppers
1 hot pepper
1 lb of sweet onions
1 head of garlic

A pretty straightforward share this week, folks, and I should mention that we have only two weeks left for the CSA. We will wrap things up during the second week of October, so your final share day will be either Tuesday the 9th or Friday the 12th depending on where you pick up. We will also be sending out e-mails shortly with this information! Eat up!

Guinea feather

No big animal news/disasters to report this week, but I thought I would share some observations about those quirky guinea hens…observations about observations, in fact.  When we got the guinea keets back in July, I noticed that the couple we bought them from had a mirror in the part of the barn that the guineas called home.  The guineas loved looking at their refelctions, we were told, and it’s common for owners to have a mirror in their area.  Why this is so, I have no idea.  Curiousity?  The illusion of more guineas, so safety in numbers?  Vanity?  Stupidity?  Fast forward, and we’re now seeing Winnie and Popcorn seeking out ways to see themselves.  They’ve been hanging out near windows…our porch door, the small basement windows at ground level..and checking themselves out.  Sonya has also observed them gazing at their reflections in the side of our vehicles (funny) and even pecking at them (less funny).  They have been hanging out in the driveway and closer to the house in general lately, a combination, I think, of the reflection fetish and just generally feeling more comfortable around us.  I even catch them following me around, somewhat nervously.  The resulting poop is annoying, but we’re happy to have them close to the house and chomping up any ticks that may be lurking in the yard.  They’re been roosting in the trees near the winter sheep pen, and one of my upcoming projects is to get some space ready for them in the sheep shed…a wooden dowel up high for roosting and probably a shelf, also above sheep-level, for food and water.  And somewhere, I’ll put up a small mirror for them, too.

Those wacky guineas.

Finally, a reminder that this coming Saturday (9/29) is the next farm potluck.  Come see us!  And, to clarify…this is the last potluck of the CSA season, NOT the last SSF potluck ever.  Heck, this may not be the last potluck of the calendar year, even.  Though the CSA is ending and the farm will be evolving in the months and years to come, we fully plan to continue having potlucks.  They’re fun, festive, and a great way to catch up with folks.  I think many of our potluck regulars would miss them, too!  I can’t promise that we’ll do them every month next year, but they will happen, and if you’d like to stay in the loop, keep an eye on this blog, the farm’s Facebook page, and/or make sure your name stays on the farm’s e-mail list.  Have a great week, everyone, and we hope to see some of you on Saturday, 5-9 PM, rain or shine!

A rainbow appeared after Monday afternoon's brief downpour.

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