2012 CSA share #8

August, here we come!  Some welcome rain this weekend and a couple of gorgeous, sunny days to start the work week off with.  A special thanks to our wonderful neighbors, Ray, Tina, Leah, and Holly Desjardins, for looking after the sheep, laying hens, and Guinea keets this past weekend so we could get off the farm to visit friends in Connecticut and spend Sunday rockin’ out at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island!  Thanks, too, to today’s harvest crew:  Donna, Brittany, and Anna.  And, once again, thanks to Lydia, my cucumber helper.  The lemon cukes in this week’s share were given a lot of T.L.C., folks.  I would cut the cuke off the vine and pass it to Lydia who would kiss each one, say “it’s OK, baby cucumber, we’ll take care of you”, and gently place them in the harvest basket.  After a bit, she would add, “Until we eat you.”  Ha!

Last week, we bade farewell to our gorgeous but troublesome ewe, the free-spirited Savannah.  After weeks of fence-jumping and imprompu neighborhood walkabouts, we locked her into the winter pen and made an appointment at the Windham Butcher Shop.  Her pelt is now salted and drying in the greenhouse, and Ezra and I will pick up the meat tomorrow.  Her lamb, Coco, rejoined the rest of the flock out in the pasture a day or two after Savannah went, and she seems to be doing fine.  Thank you, Savannah, for 2 beautiful lambs, for your frisky spirit, for feeding us this winter.  You will be missed.

CSA share #8 for the 2012 season includes the following veggies:

Choice:  2 lbs of Mt. Rose potatoes -or- 2 lbs of beets
1 lb of eggplant
4 slicing cucumbers and 1 lemon cucumber
The Crazy Choice: 1 make-yr-own flower bouquet -or- 1 lb of green, purple, or wax beans -or- 2 lbs of zucchini -or- 1/2 pint of raspberries  (Friday CSAers:  Farmers’ choice)
1/2 lb bag of lettuce mix
Choice: Red Russian kale -or- Swiss chard
2 sweet peppers
1 hot pepper (jalapeno or Hungarian hot wax)
1 large beefsteak tomato (or 2 small)
1 pint of cherry tomatoes
1 fresh garlic bulb
Choice: 1 bunch of scallions -or- 1 bunch of cilantro
1 enormous bunch of basil

And it is enormous…we will not run out of basil this summer!  Make pesto!  Eat some of it!  Freeze the rest!  Yeehaw!  A note about peppers:  Some of the sweet peppers are similar in color and shape to the spicy hot wax pepper, so pay attention when you pack up your peppers.  The hot wax pepper will be smaller than the sweet pepper.  Those hot wax peppers, by the way, are hot but not as hot as the mighty jalapeno.  Have fun with those, and for God’s sake, don’t do what I always seem to do:  cut up a hot pepper and then rub my eyes.  Some even suggest wearing latex gloves when prepping a hot pepper.  I’ve actually done this, then forgot to take off the gloves before rubbing my eyes.  I’m hopeless…

A reminder that the next farm potluck is happening tomorrow, Weds. Aug. 1st, right here from 5 – 9 PM.  Bring along a dish to share!  Also, if you’re bored this Saturday, Farmer John will be making his exciting musical return to the Bridgton Farmers’ Market.  I’ll be playing guitar, shuffling through originals and covers, singing too softly, ignoring requests, etc. from about 9 until noon.  The market itself runs from 8am-1pm, and it’s awesome.  We stopped going after last season, but in our 4 years as vendors there, we were happy to see the market grow and diversify each summer.  Come check it out!

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