Photo Essay: A Saturday Morning in March

Last fall, I posted a “photo essay” made up of photos taken by Miss Lydia with my camera as she wandered around the farm on a lovely morning in November.  This is a similar post, though with Sonya as the photographer.  The date is Saturday, March 31st, 2012.  The task at hand was moving our little flock of pullets (adolescent laying hens) from the back of the greenhouse across the farm to a fenced area around the raspberry beds.  While I prepped for the move and Ezra snoozed away inside, Sonya and Lydia wandered around the farm exploring, scouting, and, luckily, photographing.  Here are the results, with some commentary here and there.  Enjoy!






































More than just seedlings are growing in the greenhouse these days.  Our fall spinach has bounced back, and we’re harvesting it again.  Visit Square Root Natural Foods right here in Poland to get some for yourself.  And, though technically weeds, it’s still nice to see patches of mint and dandelions thriving here and there in the greenhouse.





























Over near our little barn, the rhubarb is beginning to appear…





























On to the sheep.  Everyone is doing well, and it’s been amazing to watch Lake and Palmer grow.  They are not even two weeks old yet but seem to be getting bigger and stronger by the day.  Also, we’re amazed by Palmer’s horns…from nubs to inch or two horns, seemingly overnight!  As for Lake, she’s rockin’ the super fluffy white chest.

























































Sonya got some great shots of Lydia.  I know I’m a biased proud poppa, but what a beautiful gal she is!
















































Again, the morning’s main job was chicken rangling and moving.  We snagged the birds and temporarily kept them in a couple of cat crates while I rolled their coop out of the greenhouse, across the lawn, across the driveway, and into their new area by the raspberries.  They’re now settled in and venturing further out from the coop, eating weeds and bugs as they go.














































Whew!  Enough work for one morning.  And inside, our cute little fella was waiting for us, fresh from a nap…











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2 Responses to Photo Essay: A Saturday Morning in March

  1. Carney says:

    Thank you for this beautiful tour! I <3 your perspectives.

  2. John says:

    You are very welcome!

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