Marching On…

Spring is a-comin’, but you’d hardly know it today as the wind howls and the snow flies.  I have the feeling March might be interesting, folks…  Still, I spent some time last week cleaning up the greenhouse, bringing in wood, and generally trying to get the space ready for the start of the season.  Sonya will probably be out there in a week or two sowing the first seeds of 2012.

Speaking of 2012, I’m pleased to announce that we are FULL.  All of the available CSA shares for the upcoming season have been spoken for.  Thanks to everyone who signed up, and if you missed the boat, feel free to contact us anyway.  We can add you to our waiting list, and we’ll get in touch in case anyone drops out this season.  Also, by getting on the waiting list, you’ll be contacted about next season’s CSA before we throw open the doors to the general public.

I also wanted to post a “thank you” to Michelle Smith and her Environmental Studies class at Poland Regional High School for asking me to come in this past Monday and talk to them a bit about organic farming in general and about Summit Springs Farm in particular…our history, why we farm, why we focus on the CSA model, etc.  The students in the class are currently in the midst of a unit about food…they asked some excellent questions, and I hope they learned a thing or two about local food options.  It was good for me, too, to get up in front of them and try to articulate why I do what I do.  The younger generation has to get hip to these ideas if we hope to keep the local food/economies movement going strong!

Stay warm, everyone, and think warm thoughts!  For the rest of the day, this will be my view:

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2 Responses to Marching On…

  1. Julie Carlson says:

    I am very interested in having a half share and now I see you are already booked. Good for you! I live on Jackson Rd, just around the corner from you, and new to hearing about csa’s, so if you do get an opening I would love to be considered. Just wondering, how does one collect food since my work schedule conflicts with the times you have posted? Good luck and may you have a wonderful season.

  2. John says:

    Hi, Julie! We will add you to our waiting list and let you know if anything more opens up this season…if not, there’s always next year! As for pick-ups, I’m not sure what to recommend. If you can’t make it to the farm on Tuesday afternoons, perhaps a friend or family member could pick up for you? Sometimes we have members who have to come late for one reason or another, and we leave their shares in our cooler. This might work for you. We can discuss logistics when the time comes. Thanks for your interest, and feel free to come on by for our next farm potluck, Tues. March 20th from 5-9 PM. We’d love to meet you!

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