Chicks, a potluck, and more

Howdy, folks!  We hope everyone is enjoying the snow now that it’s finally arrived.  The ice we could do without, but at least things are finally feeling typically wintery in these parts.  Farm life slows but never stops, even in the heart of winter.  We have sheep to tend, firewood to schlep and stack, snow to shovel, and plenty of planning for next season.  I’ve been playing around some with this very webpage, updating photos and info. for the coming year, while Sonya has tackled the seed order.  This is a big job…she has to figure out how much of everything we need and then decide which veggie varieties to invest in and where to find the best deals.  The scene below, complete with computer, calculator, cup ‘o tea, notes, and numerous open seed catalogs, is typical:

One thing we’re NOT doing is the farmers’ market.  The Norway Winter Farmer’s Market is still going strong, every first and third Saturday from 10am-2pm, but we’ve decided to stop attending.  We really only have carrots, potatoes, and a bit of garlic left for storage crops, and the greenhouse greens are done, having died back once some consistently cold weather settled in.  It was a great experience, and we want to thank market manager Candi Rousseau, all of our fellow vendors, and the folks in and around Norway who came by to check out the market and who bought some produce from us.  We hope to do the market again next fall/winter!

We’re deep into winter now, but a sure sign of the spring to come is the arrival of the chicks!  Yes, I drove to the post office early this morning to collect a small, chirping box.  Back here, we lifted out the tiny chicks one by one, dipped their wee beaks in water and feed, and set them free in their new enclosure right on our porch.  We went with the “surprise special” package from Ideal Poultry Farm in Texas this time:  25 hen chicks of various breeds (23 made it, and 2 died in transit…sad but not unexpected).  We have no clue what the breeds are yet…as the hens grow up, we may have a better idea…but the mix of yellow, brown, and black chicks is fun to see.  Lydia has been closely watching the chicks and has even held a couple so far.

Finally, after a long holiday lay-off, it’s time for the first Summit Springs Farm potluck of 2012!  Join us right here at the farm for a brunch potluck on Sunday, 1/22 from 10am until 1pm.  We’ll provide plenty of coffee and tea, some food of our own, a roaring woodstove or two, and sheep and baby chicks to check out.  You should bring along a dish to share and be ready for fun and fellowship with your friends, neighbors, and fellow CSAers.  Hope to see you here!

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