Market updates and happy gobble gobble!

Greenhouse kale and spinach

It’s awfully quiet around here these days.  The pigs are gone…to the Windham Butcher Shop last Sunday, processed on Monday, and picked up by Ezra and I on Wednesday in a radically new form.  Thank you, Toot and Puddle.  I think we did pretty well with our first foray into pork…both pigs weighed over 200 pounds (Toot @ 243 lbs = Big Pig).  We’re swimming in sausage!  All the chickens are gone, too, taken in groups over a period of weeks by various neighbors and CSA members.  I’m enjoying a rare stretch of having no early morning or evening animal chores (the sheep are back out on pasture…I move them to fresh grass twice a week, but otherwise they take care of themselves.)  We’ll get chicks later this winter, and we actually plan to get more pigs, too, (three this time) from Hanne Tierney at Cornerstone Farm in Palmyra at some point next month.

Farewell, gals!

One of the last egg collections of the fall. All the hens are now off to new homes.

Folks, we’ve decided to tweak our winter farmers’ market schedule a bit.  Due to a combination of factors, including higher market fees and the fact that we’re motoring through our veggies pretty quickly, we’ve decided not to attend the Portland Winter Farmers’ Market this winter.  We apologize to friends and customers who were looking forward to seeing us and shopping with us there!  We plan to continue on with the Norway Winter Farmers’ Market at least through the end of the year (though we will skip next week’s market, 11/26, because we’ll be away).  In January, the market goes to an every-other-week schedule and will be held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.  After New Years, we’ll see what we have left and probably take it on a week-by-week basis as to whether or not we’ll attend.  Keep an eye on this blog or the farm’s Facebook page for updates.

Thanksgiving is just about here…  We’re going to travel to Westmoreland, New Hampshire to enjoy the feast with my sister and her family and then spend a few days up in Vermont, hopefully with some good friends joining us.  (A shout-out to our neighbors for sheep and cat sitting!)  We hope that you and yours have a wonderful and joy-filled Thanksgiving.  We are all truly blessed and have so much to be grateful for!

Happy greens in the greenhouse.

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