Photo Essay: A Monday Morning in November

Specifically, it was Monday, November 7, 2011, a gorgeous, sunny, warm autumn day, and we were all outside soaking it in and chipping away at some farm work.  An important day for Ezra, too, his 2-month birthday…he slept through much of the morning, attached to Dad in his pack.  I brought out the camera to capture some of the day, but Lydia really took the idea and (literally) ran with it…she took most of the pictures below, actually!  I’ll add some commentary here and there, but her photos mostly speak for themselves.  Enjoy!

Lydi, Ezra, and I spent most of our time stacking wood…

The sheep were up near the house in and around their winter quarters yesterday.  Today, with warmer weather and all the snow gone, I moved them back out onto pasture.

The piggies, too, were out and about.  Toot and Puddle go to the butcher next week, and we’ll miss them.  They’re HUGE now but quite friendly and always curious about what we’re up to.  I spent some time in the pig pen earlier today, giving Toot a rubdown.  He’s like a big, lazy dog.

And the chickens, too…free-ranging all over the farm these days.  A few have been picked up, and we’re still hoping to give the rest away.  Please let us know if you’d like some free laying hens!


Sonya spent the morning mowing and then raking up hay and grass near the greenhouse.  We’re happy to report that the garlic is now completely mulched and ready for winter!  Thanks to everyone who dropped leaves off at the farm.  If anyone has more, we’re still happy to take them.

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3 Responses to Photo Essay: A Monday Morning in November

  1. April Ball says:

    REALLY enjoyed seeing this November day in Maine. Thanks for taking that camera out and posting all of those beautiful life photos. We enjoy so much on our farm here in PA, but seldom take a camera out the door to share the day. Thanks again!

  2. Wanda C. Schwarz says:

    John…I am so proud of you… You nave a beautiful family and home. You must feel very blessed. I know you are proud of what you have accomplished as a man…who would have thought way back in Milledgeville what you would do with your life.

  3. John says:

    Thanks, folks! Wanda, it’s been a long and winding road that got me from M’ville to here, but I’m happy to have traveled it and thrilled with where I’ve ended up. Life is good! You and Bill take care!

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