Mud Season update

Hello, all!  I figured it was about time to post a farm update here and at the same time, try to master this blogging business!  Going forward, we’d like to post farm updates and announcements here and try to cut down on the mass e-mails.  Also, once the season proper gets going, we’ll be posting a sort of “e-newsletter” each week with farm notes, announcements, a list of what our CSA members received in their shares, links to recipes, and more.

To state the obvious, spring is here and so is the mud!  Our land holds water very well, so the yard, fields, and even the inside of the greenhouse are all pretty mucky.  We hope that things will gradually dry out in the next couple of weeks so we can get the tractor out in the fields to begin the process of getting ready for planting.

In the meantime, Sonya’s been keeping very busy in the greenhouse, sowing seeds like crazy.  We’re thrilled with how things are progressing out there.  It’s a nice change from last season when, at this point, our greenhouse still wasn’t even finished!  We’re also very happy to have proper greenhouse tables in place, purchased this spring from Rounds Farm down in Hollis.  Last year, we simply used pallets on the ground for our trays.  Proper tables up on concrete blocks, however, allow for much better airflow, drainage, and heating.  Our little seedlings look very happy!


As for me, I’ve been trying to cut wood.  I took down some trees last fall along the double rock wall that runs through our hay fields and took a few more down last week.  Also, I cut down an old apple tree and two old pear trees in the yard that were hollow, half dead, and simply too far gone to try and salvage.  We plan to visit the annual Fedco tree sale in a couple of weeks and may try to find some replacement fruit trees.  As for the downed trees, the wood will help keep us warm next winter.


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2 Responses to Mud Season update

  1. elizabeth turner says:

    I signed up for a farm share through the senior village I live in. However I love organic food and am very interested in your CSA. Can I do both?

  2. John says:

    I don’t see why not, Betsy! It’s up to you, based on how much produce you think you can handle this season. There’s a printable CSA sign-up form here, and please give the farm a call or send us an e-mail if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for your interest!

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