CSA – Week #18 – The End!

Well, this is it!  It’s the final week of the 2011 CSA, and we want to thank all of our members for another great season.  Things have grown well this year, and the full season value for a full share (including this week) wound up being $658.75…not a bad return on a $475 investment!!  We hope everyone has enjoyed the experience.  I normally put an end-of-season survey together for our members, but for a number of reasons, I wasn’t able to pull it off in time this year.  I may still try to make an internet-based survey in the coming weeks and send it along to everyone.  In the meantime, we’d love to hear any feedback you might have about your CSA experience this season.  Was it all that you hoped it would be?  Are there areas we need to improve upon?  What should change and what should stay the same?  Your feedback is important to us…it lets us know what we’re doing right and what areas we need to work on for next season and beyond.  If you can, take a moment and e-mail us your thoughts.  We’d appreciate it!

The final 2011 Summit Springs Farm CSA share includes the following:

3 lb bag of potatoes
2 lb bag of carrots
2 lb bag of parsnips
1 lb bag of turnips
1 bunch of chard
1 head of red oakleaf lettuce
1 squash (options include sweet dumpling, delicata, Sibley, and pie pumpkins)
1 bunch of leeks -OR- 1.3 lbs of onions
2 bulbs of garlic

We ask that our off-site CSAers in Portland and Lewiston/Auburn remember to bring bags to your final Friday pick-up this week.  Tonya and I will still be bringing the shares in boxes, but we’ll have you unload your box so we can bring them back to the farm.  Also, please bring along any boxes forgotten from previous weeks.  For everyone, remember to renew for next season sooner than later!  We’ll be throwing the proverbial doors open to the general public soon, so don’t lose your spot!  View, print out, and complete a 2012 CSA renewal form right here.  Spread the word, too, to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. who might be interested in joining a rockin’ organic CSA for next season.

Hey, who rocks?  Claire rocks, that’s who!  We bade farewell to Claire this past Saturday.  Her mom came up to fetch her and motor her back down to NYC for the fall (Claire, get your driver’s license!)  Where to begin?  Claire came to the farm at the end of August and there followed:  the unexpected early departure of Andrew; Hurricane Irene and 3 or 4 days without power afterwards; the birth of Ezra; Ezra’s week in the hospital when Sonya and I were coming and going like crazy and often just leaving Claire with a quick list of farm jobs to do while we were away; Ezra’s arrival at home and the adjustments around that, chiefly Sonya staying out of the fields and with the kids, and John, usually hopped up on too much coffee, attempting to run the farm; etc.  Not to mention the usual ins and outs of farm work…heat, cold, rain, bugs, mud, rotten tomatoes, weeds, heavy lifting, early mornings, animal chores, etc.   Through it all, Claire remained postive and engaged, worked hard, never complained, and did a fantastic job.  Her humor and laid-back approach made her a treat to work with.  I truly don’t know how the heck we would have made it through the end of this mad, mad season without her.  Thanks, Claire, and come back for a visit soon!

We love Claire!

A few more things…  Keep in mind that you can get onto our veggie e-mail list to receive weekly updates on what veggies we still have.  If you want, you can then place an order with us to be picked up here at the farm on Tuesday afternoons.  Also, starting this Saturday and going into early December, I’ll be attending the indoor winter edition of the Norway Farmers’ Market.  The market happens each Saturday from 10AM – 2PM at the First Universalist Church right on Main St. in Norway.  Remember that your discarded fall leaves can find a home here!  Drop ‘em off or call us and we may be able to come and get them.  And…keep checking the blog!  I’ll continue to post here during the fall and winter, hopefully at least every couple of weeks, with farm news, updates, photos, videos, bad jokes, etc.  Keep in touch!  Thanks again, everyone, for supporting the farm this season, and enjoy the fall!

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