CSA – Week #17

Sunrise this morning

It’s cooling down already and rain is coming in a couple of days, but good lord, what a nice stretch of weather so far this week, eh?  A classic Indian summer for the Columbus Day weekend and beyond with sunny skies and temps into the low 80s?  We’ll take it and remember this warm gift in a couple of months when winter really settles in.  While it lasted, we put Lydia in shorts and t-shirts again and visited Ruby Rose Frozen Custard down on Rt. 26 like we were back in August (2 days in a row…why not?…those milkshakes, plus we needed to stock up since they are now closed for the season.)  It was wonderful working weather yesterday, too, as Claire and I harvested all manner of roots for today’s share and prepped beds for the garlic we hope to plant tomorrow.  Thanks once again to Claire’s friend, Kate, and my aunt, Meredith Hughes, for all their help last week.  Check out Merry’s Food Museum blog for a few posts regarding her visit.  Also, CSA workshare members Eddie Watt and Sue Lavelle worked with us on Friday morning stacking firewood and harvesting.  Thanks to them for their efforts on a freezing morning!  We also had some unexpected help from Dave Colson who farms up in Durham at New Leaf Farm.  Dave is MOFGA’s new Agricultural Sevices Director.  He was in the area Friday morning and stopped by to visit and check out the farm, and I promptly put the poor guy to work harvesting lettuce and cilantro, among other things!  It’s always nice to have an experienced farmer stop by and have a look at things, and Dave was no exception.  He made some nice comments and good suggestions.  Thanks for stopping by, Dave!

Sue and Eddie stackin' wood here at the farm last week.

So, things are really winding down, folks.  Next week will be the last for the CSA, and we’d like to talk logistics for a second, specifically to those of you picking up your shares off the farm in Portland or Lewiston.  If you have any share boxes hiding out at home, please bring them to pick-up!  Those boxes weren’t cheap, and if you’ve lost or damaged one, we’ll have to charge you for it.  For half share folks picking up this week and everyone else next week, we ask that you bring bags to your share pick-up (Tonya and I will bring along plenty, too).  We’ll bag up your final share of the season so we can hang on to our boxes.  If you’d like to sign up for the CSA again next season, don’t forget to click right here to view and print a renewal form.  Tonya and I will bring hard copies of the form to Bates and Portland, respectively, if anyone needs one, too.

Though the CSA is ending next week, we still have a ton of food out there.  We had a lot left at the end of last season, too, and wound up sending out weekly e-mails to interested folks listing the veggies we had available.  People could then place an order with us and come here to the farm to pick it up once we’d harvested and organized everything.  The system worked really well, and we’re going to do it again this fall, starting the week after the CSA ends.  We’ll send out a veggie e-mail each Friday and will need to receive orders from you no later than Monday afternoon.  We’ll charge the same prices we use at our farmers’ markets and will include prices in the e-mail list.  Pick-ups will still happen on Tuesday afternoons but will be self-serve.  Your veggies will be bagged and marked with your name and cash or checks should be left in a basket in the barn left out for that purpose.  And, if you don’t want to pick up your veggies, for a fee we’ll bring them to you on Wednesday!  Sonya crunched the numbers and came up with the following delivery rates (for now, we’re not planning to deliver any more than 20 miles from the farm):

Under 5 miles from the farm = $3.50 per week
5 – 10 miles from the farm = $5 per week
10 – 20 miles from the farm = $8 per week

Home delivery is also an option we’re offering for the CSA next year, and the delivery charges above will carry over to next season.  The breakdown for delivery charges for full or half shares next year will be as follows (prices listed are for the entire season, approx. 20 weeks):

Under 5 miles from the farm = $63/full share or $31.50/half share
5 – 10 miles from the farm = $90/full or $45/half
10 – 20 miles from the farm = $144/full or $72/half

If you’re interested in receiving the available veggies e-mail list this fall, please let us know either by commenting on this blog post, e-mailing the farm at summitspringsfarm@fairpoint.net, or giving us a call at 998-2196.  I can tell you already that we’ll have a lot of root crops and greens available!

Also, don’t forget that we’ll still be out and about doing Saturday farmers’ markets.  We’ve made some late-breaking decisions about which markets to do, and here’s how it’s looking.  I’ll be attending the Bridgton Farmers’ Market one final time this coming Saturday 10/15 from 8AM-1PM.  Starting on 10/22, we’ll be doing the Norway Winter Farmers’ Market every Saturday from 10AM-2PM at the First Universalist Church into early December.  Finally, beginning on Saturday 12/10, we’ll be setting up shop down in Portland at the Winter Farmers’ Market in the Maine Irish Heritage Center.  That market runs into April, and we’ll keep going as long as we have things to sell!  Keep an eye on this blog for any schedule changes or other market news.  Our produce is also available here in Poland at Square Root Natural Foods and in Auburn at Axis Natural Foods.

The Summit Springs Farm CSA share for week #17 includes the following:

3 lb bag of potatoes
1 lb bag of peppers
2 lb bag of carrots
2 lb bag of parsnips
1 lb bag of turnips -OR- 1 Daikon radish
1 bunch of chard -OR- 1 bunch of kale -OR- 1 bunch of broccoli raab
1 head of red oakleaf lettuce
1 squash (options include spaghetti, delicata, Sibley, and pie pumpkins)
1 bunch of leeks
2 bulbs of garlic
1 head of green cabbage

Lots of roots for the taking this week as we try to send our members off with things that will last!  Parsnips appear at last…hooray!  They are one of my favorites.  Try them in soups or stews or simply roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Don’t be scared off by those massive daikon radishes.  These Asian beauties are a staple of Korean and Japanese cooking and will liven up stir fries and other dishes.  We’re pleased to pass along some cabbage, too.  The bugs did a number on our crop this year, but Claire and I did some scouting and were able to salvage some nice heads (on the small side, alas…)  There may even be some more for next week.  Leeks are here, too, and are wonderful in stews, sauteed with other veggies, and in soups, particularly that fall classic, potato leek soup.  Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our final potluck last week.  The food was especially autumn-y…lots of roots, soups, and stews!  In spite of the heat this past weekend, the autumn foliage has really popped in the past couple of days, and as those colorful leaves begin to brown and fall, please keep the farm in mind.  We’d love to use your leaves to mulch all sorts of things (garlic, strawberries, perennial herbs, etc.) for the winter.  Bag ‘em up and drop ‘em off!  Thanks!

Not really farm-related, but too damn cute not to post!

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6 Responses to CSA – Week #17

  1. Tim Seavey says:

    As always thanks for the recipe ideas. Just thought I’d pass along our favorite use for parsnips – Mashed Root Vegetables. Just use equal-ish amounts of potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips (or two out of three). Prepare as you would mashed potatoes….for a nice change.

  2. Auntie Mere says:

    Oh those leeks! I made lavender mashies on the Hudson from a mix of your blues and whites. Fab.

  3. John says:

    Sounds good, Tim!

  4. Michelle says:

    Check out the Moosewood restauraunt cookbook..there are many delicious recipes and low fat too using the veggies from the farm, some we have tried include curry carrot parsnip soup, swiss chard frittata, potato leek soup, beet potato salad and on and on.

  5. Ellie Leight says:

    Please send us the email with available fall veggies.

  6. John says:

    We’ll get you on the list, starting next week!

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