CSA – Week #16

I was reminded again why buying local is so important as news of the latest (seemingly annual) nationwide food recall rolled in last week.  This time the pathogen was listeria and the vehicle was cantaloupe…dozens were killed or sickened and cantaloupe nationwide was recalled (the outbreak was traced to a farm in Colorado…for more information, click here).  Madness, folks!  Outbreaks will happen but by keeping food systems local and decentralized we can avoid mass illnesses and the panic caused by recalls.  Buy local!  Support local growers!  Better yet, grow your own!

For those of you already in the CSA fold, it’s time to look ahead and think about renewing your membership in our CSA program.  Our prices will be increasing next year, but if you renew with us by the last share pick-up (a mere 2 weeks away) we’ll charge you 2011 prices!  Click right here to view and print out our CSA renewal form.  Simply fill out the form and either mail it in to the farm or give it to one of us at the next couple of pick-ups.  Also, we have some exciting news:  we’re adding a Wednesday share pick-up location in Windham!  This option is available on the renewal form, and we’ll have more specific information on the ins and outs of our Windham drop for you very soon.  We also plan to offer home delivery close to the farm on Wednesdays, and there’s an option for that on the renewal form.  We’re working on the logistics of that, too, and will have more information once we’ve made some decisions.

The Summit Springs Farm CSA share for week #16 includes the following:

2 lb bag of potatoes
1 lb bag of peppers -OR- 1 lb bag of eggplant
2 lb bag of turnips -OR- 2 lb bag of beets
1 bunch of chard -OR- 1 bunch of kale
1 head of red oakleaf lettuce
1 bunch of broccoli raab
1 squash (options include spaghetti, delicata, and pie pumpkins)
2 onions
1 bulb of garlic
1 pint of husk cherries -OR- 1 quart of tomatillos
1 kohlrabi
2 lbs of beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes

We’re throwing a lot of greens at you this week!  We have a variety of different greens all happening at once and want to pass along the bounty.  Remember that you can freeze kale or chard easily by simply chopping it up and stuffing them into freezer bags.  The husk cherries are slowing down, so tomatillos are in the mix this week.  I use them to make green salsa and really need to look into other uses for these interesting tomato relatives.  If anyone has any recipes they would like to post and share, please do so!  Many thanks to Claire’s visiting friend, Kate, who’s been chipping in with the farm work since her arrival last week…we three remained remarkably cheerful during this morning’s harvest in spite of the heavy rain!

Kate and Claire harvesting beans last week.

There’s more squash in your share this week, too, mostly a choice between spaghetti, delicata, and pie pumpkins.  More will be coming in the weeks ahead.  Check it out:

Thanks, too, to my Aunt Merry for bagging help, Ezra care, music, spices from Albuquerque, good advice, and positive energy!  She lives in New Mexico and is zipping around the northeast seeing friends and family.  She arrived on the farm yesterday and plans to stay until Friday and help us out during this rather hectic time.  Thank God for family!  I’ve written at length on this blog about Merry and Uncle Tom’s various foodie endeavors…teaching, potato exhibits, books, blogs, etc.  Follow it all for yourselves and learn a lot, too, by visiting The Food Museum Blog!  Right now!  If you want to meet Merry and Kate in the flesh (and little Ezra, too!), don’t forget that the next potluck is this week…tomorrow, in fact:  Wednesday 10/5 from 6-9 PM right here at the farm.  Bring along a dish to share!  The weather is supposed to be decent, too!

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