CSA – Week #11

Greetings once again from the farm, everyone.  Actually, I’m writing this on Monday evening from a top secret location in greater Auburn (OK, I’m at Starbucks) because the farm has been without power for the past day and a half!  A couple of big trees came down across Summit Spring Road closer to Schellinger Road, taking the power and phone lines down with them.  If you’re coming from that direction tomorrow to pick up your share, keep in mind that the road may still be blocked and that you may need to come at the farm from the direction of White Oak Hill Road.  If the power returns before tomorrow’s pick-up, I will edit this post accordingly; if not, this will have to do.  With this in mind, please understand that the CSA share list to follow may not be 100% accurate.  We often make harvesting and distribution decisions on the fly on CSA day, and that may be especially true tomorrow.  If we still don’t have power, for example, we’ll have to skip harvesting lettuce and other greens because we’ll have no way to wash them.  So, stay tuned…as soon as I can I will either update this post with more precise info. or post a follow-up CSA entry.

The calm after the storm.

Anyway…how are you?  We’re fine.  Irene has come and gone, and we’re happy to report that the crops made it through all that rain and wind surprisingly well.  We prepped the farm on Friday and Saturday, picking up and putting away random stuff (tarps, wheelbarrows, Lydia’s yard toys, etc.) and lowering the sides and buttoning up the greenhouses as tightly as possible to keep the wind out.  The houses did fine in the storm.  A “garage in a box” bought and assembled for us by Sonya’s dad back in July didn’t fare as well, however…it was blown over and bent to hell.  Oh, well…at least it was empty!  The animals made it through fine, too…the pigs seemed to enjoy the storm, the chickens were unfazed, and the sheep seemed concerned about the wild weather but OK.  The biggest problem has been the lack of power, but we harvested today as usual and began bagging and arranging the veggies for tomorrow.

Say a prayer for the garage-in-a-box.

So, here is my projected take on what to expect in your share tomorrow, the eleventh week of the 2011 CSA:

2 lb bag of potatoes
2 cucumbers
2 lbs of zucchini and/or summer squash
1.25 lb bag of beans (green, wax or purple beans)
2 sweet onions
1 pint of cherry tomatoes
2 lbs of beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes
1 bulb of garlic
1/2 lb bag of green bell peppers
1 pint of husk cherries
CHOOSE ONE: bag of artichokes -OR- 2 kohlrabi -OR- bag of broccoli -OR- bag of cauliflower (Friday CSAers:  farmer’s choice)
CHOOSE ONE herb: basil, parsley, dill, or cilantro

Lydi, Andrew, and friends

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2 Responses to CSA – Week #11

  1. Terri Trepanier says:

    A great picture of my baby (who just happens to be a man now) and your baby (who will soon be a big sister).

  2. John says:

    Ha! And, from what I’ve seen from his interactions w/ Lydia, he’ll be a good dad someday.

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