Farmer care

So, farming isn’t easy folks.  It takes a lot of planning, a lot of patience, a knack for improvising, etc.  It’s also pretty tough on the body.  The work itself keeps Sonya and I fit, and we add to that some self-care to help our bodies stay strong…Sonya has her daily yoga practice, and I try to do some stretching and such when I can plus running in the off season.  We don’t have health insurance…if you’d like to see me go off on an angry tangent, ask me about THAT sometime…so it’s very important that we practice preventative maintenance to help us bear the stress of a long farm season.  For this, we turn to a number of very talented folks to help us stay strong, healthy, and focused.  We hope you all will consider supporting them in their endeavors, too!

Just up the road is the Summit Spring Holistic Health Center, and over the past few years it’s been a joy to get to know our neighbors, Christine Baldwin and Eric Anderson, both personally and professionally.  These talented healers have helped all of us immensely.  Eric is an acupuncturist, and Sonya began visiting him over a year ago in an effort to address prenatal and postpartum insomnia.  She feels that her treatments with Eric, along with zero balancing sessions with both Eric and Christine, significantly contributed to her recovery.  I started seeing Eric, too, mostly out of curiousity as I’d never experienced acupuncture before.  I found the results to be subtle yet significant, and I try to get in there for a session every month or so to reset and rebalance my chi…I think of it as an “energy tune-up”.  Christine and Eric have much to offer…have a look at their website for a list of more of the types of therapy they offer.  They also hold classes and retreats every now and then at their beautiful office and home up the hill at the site of the old Summit Springs Hotel.

Also here in Poland is Marcy Covey, and her business is called Dragonfly Healing Touch Thai Yoga Massage.  Thai yoga massage, as the name implies, is a fascinating hybrid of yoga’s stretching and massage’s hands-on muscle manipulation.  I think of it as assisted stretching, and as a pretty non-flexible person, I need all the help I can get!  Sonya and I try to see Marcy once or twice a season and find the experience relaxing and energizing all at once.

We also turn to a couple of other ladies for more traditional massage.  Our good friend and CSA member, Carney Brewer, lives down in Portland and is a licensed massage therapist and reiki practitioner.  In the past, she’s come to us, but these days, she has a space at The Awake Collective in Portland.  Carney is a funny and talented lady, and we appreciate the massage and energy work she’s done for us over the years!  Please visit her page at The Awake Collective for more information.  Every so often during the off-season we try to see Karen Higley, another massage therapist based out of her home in Raymond.  Karen is a skilled therapist specializing in deep tissue massage and hot stone massage.  She finds and gets rid of knots I didn’t even know I had, and I walk out of her space feeling like I’ve had my ass kicked, in a good way.  To contact Karen, call 749-4670.

Our pal Carney Brewer

Last but not least, we regularly visit our friend and chiropractor, Johanna Hill.  Hanna is actually Sonya’s former boss at Coffee By Design.  Several years ago, she decided to return to school to become a chiropractor and relocated to St. Louis to study at Logan College of Chiropractic.  She’s back in Maine now and has just launched her own practice, Pine Tree Family Chiropractic, in Yarmouth.  We discovered the benefits of chiropractic care when Lydia was a newborn.  She spent some time with another local chiropractor to help her with some birth-related jaw and neck issues that interfered with her ability to properly breastfeed.  Son and I started getting regular adjustments, too, and noticed that the typical mid- to late-season fatigue and wear and tear of farming were significantly lessened due to our visits.  Hanna is a wonderful and intuitive healer, and her practice features an emphasis on pregnancy, post partum, infant, and children’s care.  Hanna’s website is coming soon…in the meantime Pinetree Family Chiropractic is on Facebook.

Chiropractor Hanna Hill does her thing on Miss Lydia.

Hanna works on a smiling Lydi.

Even little Ezra has some adjustments.

And, we now have a scholarship-assisted membership to the Pineland branch of the Cumberland County YMCA! We’re looking forward to the whole family spending some time over there this winter swimming, using the gym, perhaps taking some classes, etc.  Another nice thing about our relationships with the folks profiled above is that we are able to trade with most of them.  It’s satisfying to avoid the transfer of money and to simply swap our goods for their services.  It strikes me as being a more intimate and meaningful arrangement, and it creates a satisfying sort of loop:  The food we grow nourishes and provides strength to these healers who in turn pass this energy back to us so that we can continue our work growing their food.  What could be better?

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