CSA – Week #4

We were grateful for the clouds today during harvest.  We got started at 6 AM, anticipating another scorcher like yesterday, but the cloud cover kept things reasonably tolerable, for us and the delicate greens we try to get in first.  Christina is off the farm this week at a teaching conference, but we were helped out by the latest Summit Springs Farm WWOOFer, Maya Binyam, who comes to us fresh outta high school from Brookline, Mass., and volunteer Debbi Conley, who lives in Gorham but teaches kindergarten right here in Poland at the Community School.  Many thanks, ladies!

Maya and Debbi

And, the fourth CSA share of the 2011 season contains the following:

1 bunch of chard
1 bunch of scallions
1 bunch of beets
1 kohlrabi
1 head of lettuce
CHOOSE ONE:  1/2 lb bag of salad mix -OR- 1/2 lb bag of arugula
CHOOSE ONE: Pint of cherry tomatoes -OR- pint of strawberries -OR- 1/2 pint of raspberries
CHOOSE ONE:  1 head of Napa cabbage (a.k.a. Chinese cabbage) -OR- 1 bok choy
1 pint of sugar snap or snow peas

Nothing too new or out there this week. Beets appear for the first time…use those greens, folks, for they are delicious. Steam ‘em or sautee ‘em with olive oil and garlic. As for the beets themselves, check out the Recipes page for some of our favorite approaches, including teriyaki beets and chocolate beet cake! Also, a note about the peas: with snap and snow, you eat the whole thing, pod and all. Try them raw in salads or cooked lightly in stir fries.

So, after last week’s egg expose’ explaining why we had so few eggs this season…fewer chickens with the goal of no animals this winter…we’ve gone and brought in more animals, specifically sheep.  Our friends Zakk and Emmy (surely you frequent their store, Square Root Natural Foods, here in Poland, right?) were looking to get rid of their four remaining Icelandic sheep…Poppa, Momma, and two lambs…and talked us into taking them.  (I’m fuzzy on the details, but the conversation started when our lawnmower broke down…)

Zakk and Logan the ram have a final slow dance.

So, yesterday evening, Sonya and her dad took our minivan over to Zakk’s folks’ place and returned with the quartet, each sheep calmly and safely strapped into a seat (just kidding!)  They are now way out near the end of Field 4 where we hope they will mow down some hay for us.  This is all very new…Sonya and I have to hunker down and do some reading on sheep care…and extremely exciting!  The master plan is to add lamb to our offerings at market in the hope of drumming up some more business, plus the added benefit to the farm ecosystem of having a herd of expert mowers and fertilizer-makers.

Ram On

Momma Sienna and lamb

The pig whisperer...

...soon to be the sheep whisperer?

Chances are we’re staying put this winter after all…more on this in a later post.  Also, I may now try to track down some more hens for the farm this season…stay tuned!  Thanks to everyone who turned out for this past Saturday’s birthday potluck.  It was great fun…good food, good company, incredible cake (Sonya rocks!), the appearance of a stunning 1931 Model T Ford (piloted by our friend, Hank Mosher), and a spirited game of whiffle ball in the fading summer light…perfect.

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  1. Carney says:

    Had so very very much fun at potluck! I have a great pic to share with you too…. but it might get facebooked… so beware! I am also so very very very excited to play with those big wooly creatures you now have!! Yay! I have plans for talking you into letting me shave and spin their wool… just a heads up… hug you all!

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