CSA – Week #1

Andrew, Christina, Alex, Sonya, and John

And, we’re off!  The smiling faces above, plus workshare helpers Tonya Watson, Derek Kotasi, and Vanessa Fairbrother assembled at the farm this morning at 7 to harvest veggies for the CSA for the very first time this season!  The first CSA share of the 2011 season contains the following:

3/4 lb bag of salad mix
3/4 lb bag of spinach
1 head of lettuce (Boston or Black Seeded Simpson)
1 bunch of French Breakfast radishes
2 heads of bok choy
1 bunch of herbs: Sage -OR- Oregano -OR- Mint
2 seedlings (assorted herbs, veggies, and flowers)
A few notes on the bounty:
Our salad mix is made up of three or four different varieties of lettuce plus arugula, mizuna, tat soi, baby Red Russian kale, and baby red mustard. Enjoy!  Our greens in general look a little rough so far this season, and there are a couple of reasons why.  Those little holes you see in the bok choy and salad greens are caused by flea beetles, tiny but hungry critters who love greens and who have been really tough to keep on top of this season.  The chief means of thwarting these little eaters is to cover susceptible crops with floating row cover, but the pressure has been so great this season that even the row cover failed somewhat.  The critters also had their way with crops we normally don’t see them feeding on (and so don’t cover) like kale and kohlrabi.  As for the larger holes and torn leaves?  Blame the weather, specifically a trio of brief but fierce hail storms, one this past Saturday and the others a couple of weeks ago.  Bad hail storms can wipe out fields in a flash, so we’re grateful our storms were less severe.  Still, some damage was done, and it is what it is.  A handful of CSAers today will get strawberries.  The fruit is just beginning to come in, so be patient!  If you didn’t get berries today, you will very soon…we’re keeping track of who gets what so that everyone can share equally in the bounty!

I also want to mention the Recipes page here on the website.  We’ve arranged the page by vegetable so that you can simply click on the veggie name and a list of recipes featuring that veggie will appear.  We’ve tried to post at least a couple of recipes for each veggie, and the overall archive gets bigger every year as we find and try out new recipes and as friends and CSAers pass along their favorites to us, too.  I may put recipes right here on the blog now and again, but if you’re stumped about what to do with this or that veggie, please visit the recipe archive, and add to it by e-mailing us your favorite veggie recipes!  Also, don’t forget that our new farm stand is up and running and is now stocked with most of the veggies listed above plus assorted seedlings.  Keep the stand in mind if you need extra of anything, and please spread the word to friends and neighbors that they can stop by the farm and buy fresh, organic veggies anytime!

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10 Responses to CSA – Week #1

  1. Bill says:

    Wonderful operation. Joined today – too bad as we don’t get our share ’til nex Tuesday.
    Everything looked wonderful and wicked fresh.

  2. Elana says:

    Yummy greens! Salads all around for lunches this week.
    Thank you to the crew for growing and harvesting such treats. We can’t wait to try new recipes and try some new (to us) veggies.

  3. Carney says:


  4. Michelle says:

    As I sit at my desk this morning snacking on raw radishes, YUM!..I just wanted to say how much we are already enjoying our first week of the share. Snacking on the raw radishes brought back some nostalgia of childhood of pulling them from the garden, wiping on our pants and munching…we took a beautiful and delicious salad to some friends for dinner last night…and my husband is looking forward to cooking up the bok choy this weekend. As I finished prepping my salad yesterday morning for supper, Nothing was more satisfying as my two boys asking as they walkded downstairs in their pjs..”is that the salad you made from the farm?..can we eat it for breakfast?..they then proceeded to each have a bowl for breakfast. My then almost 5 year old said “this is the best lettuce ever!”. Having the opportunity to buy local , on the farm is certainly incentive , and adds excitement for them wanting to eat their veggies, Yeah!.

  5. John says:

    Thanks, and we’ll see you next week!

  6. John says:

    You’re welcome! Enjoy!

  7. John says:

    Thanks for posting, and here’s to kids enjoying salad for breakfast!

  8. Susan says:

    Very excited about our first 1/2 share of produce! So pleased to get a couple of extras as well! Strawberries were wonderful and the greens are luscious.

  9. John says:

    Glad you’re happy with your share…and we’ve only just begun!

  10. Sonya Theriault says:

    Wow. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. It’s so nice to have such great feedback! Thank you all for supporting us!

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