Hoop Dreams

The last blog post left off with a little teaser…what’s that in the distance?  A greenhouse under construction?  Didn’t the Summit Springs Farmers vow to never again build such a structure after spending months of their lives erecting that first one, straining their bodies, their minds, and their marriage?  Well, folks, it’s not a greenhouse…technically, it’s a hoop house.  Though the same size as our greenhouse (30′ x 96′), the new hoophouse is unheated, and the idea is to grow heat-loving plants right in the ground inside the house…things like tomatoes, melons, peppers, and eggplant.  Though the structure doesn’t have a furnace (or plumbing or electricity), it ain’t cheap.  Luckily, we got a grant for the beast, via the Natural Resources Conservation Service, a division on the US Department of Agriculture…your tax dollars at work!  NRCS covers 90% of the cost, making this whole endeavor possible for us.  We bought the house from Ledgewood Farm out of Moultonborough, NH and chipped in a little extra of our own money to have them build the house for us.  Hallelujah!  Two guys from Ledgewood put the house together in…wait for it…two days.  Possibly the best money we’ve ever spent!  So now, as is the case with much of the rest of the farm, we’re waiting for things inside the hoophouse to dry out enough so that we can do some rototilling and planting inside.

Andrew and Son check out the new hoophouse

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