The farm stand is here!

Tell your friends and neighbors that the new Summit Springs Farm self-serve farm stand is up and running!  The stand is right here on the farm next to our little barn.  At the moment, we’re offering organic tomato, herb, and veggie seedlings plus our delicious farm-fresh eggs (as always, laid by free-ranging hens who eat only organic feed)…also, the last of our spring parsnips.  As the season rolls along, we’ll be putting out the various veggies we grow as they come in, so check in often!  It’s a great option for our CSA members, too, if you find that you need more of something for a certain recipe or occasion.  Come shop with us, and spread the word!

The fab new money box and chalkboard sign were constructed by Andrew, by the way.  Nice work!

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2 Responses to The farm stand is here!

  1. Jean says:

    I just arrived in Maine last night and was about to email Sonya to see if you had eggs for sale. What a treat to find out not only that you have eggs for sale but that you now have a self-service farm stand. It looks great!

  2. John says:

    Thanks, and welcome back! Come on by anytime and help yourself.

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