May days

Busy, busy, busy here at the ol’ farm these past few weeks.  This week’s rain-a-thon has slowed us down some, but before the wet weather parked itself over us we were up to all sorts of things, starting with tilling and planting, planting and tilling.  Sonya spent a lot of time on the tractor, spading in all of our fields and preparing beds for transplants and direct seeded crops.  The transplants now in the ground include lettuce, Chinese cabbage, kale, leeks, kohlrabi, and more.  We’ve also planted Sungold and Super Sweet 100 cherry tomato plants in the back of the greenhouse.  For direct seeded veggies, the list includes brassicas for our salad mix, carrots, turnips, beets, radishes, and peas.  Also…potatoes!  After a Sunday of seed potato cutting, we got the planting done over two days.

There were some fits and starts…we used the new rototiller, equiped with a plow attachment, to make our furrows, and the results were mixed.  Keeping the tiller going in a straight line was tough, as was creating a deep enough trench for the potatoes…I blame the wet soil and possibly having the wrong-sized plow attachment.  We muddled through, though, and are hoping for a solid crop featuring quite a few varieties that we’ve never tried before.

We also finally have a farm sign!  It only took us four years!  We had the beast built for us by The Sign Store and Flag Center in Auburn, and Apprentice Andrew put together the sign’s post for us.  That wonderful logo, which has graced the website, our print materials, and other signs for years now, was designed and drawn by our talented Connecticut friend Cassandra Purdy.  We worked with Cass down at Riverbank Farm.

Here’s another view of the new sign…and, whoa, what’s going on out there in the background??  Details soon…

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