Updates from April into May…

The photo above is of our young garlic.  It was planted in Field 2 last October, mulched with leaves and grass clippings, spent the long winter out there, and is now growing well.  And finally, the garlic has some company!  With a greenhouse full to bursting and fields that for the most part are still a little too wet to till, we bit the bullet yesterday and decided to transplant some veggies before the soggy second half of this week kicks in.  Our new Troy-bilt Horse rototiller made it all possible.  We used the tiller to prepare beds near the garlic in Field 2 yesterday and got in spinach and lettuce, plus some direct-seeded peas.  Sonya and Andrew are out there again this afternoon as I type, planting onions.  Hooray!  Sooner than later, we need to get Field 3 ready for potato planting and a spot next to Field 1 ready for a hoophouse (more on that soon…)

The Hoss

Speckled Troutback lettuce ready for transplanting

Sonya and Andrew planting. That's spinach on the left and lettuce on the right.

Otherwise, we’ve been busy with a typical springtime slate of random little projects.  Though we can’t do much tilling, we have been able to walk the fields and apply some soil amendments, mostly phosphate bone char so far.  We also got the Fields 2 and 3 deer fence up and running last week and began work to expand a couple of the perennial flower beds near the house.  I’ve been cutting wood, and Sonya has kept busy with greenhouse sowing and potting up.  Apprentice Andrew knows how to build things and enjoys doing it, thank God.  We put him to work making a handful of new greenhouse tables and also a piggy house.  Next month, we’re getting a couple of pigs from Hanne Tierney of Cornerstone Farm up in Palmyra, and she told me that for her pigs, she constructs simple A-frame type shelters…sturdy enough to handle piggy rooting and rubbing but light enough for 2 people to move easily.  Thanks to Andrew, we now have one waiting for our duo and painted a pleasing blue, no less!

The Pig House

We all got off the farm for a little field trip last Friday, motoring up to Fedco in Waterville for their annual tree sale.  We picked up a few more raspberry bushes plus our strawberry starts and some more organic potting mix.  The tree sale is really quite an event!  We were there for the preorder weekend, but the sale for the general public is actually this weekend, May 6-7, so get on up there if you can for any of your lawn and garden needs.  Get there early as the scene is busy, busy and nearby parking is tough to find.  From Fedco, we swung down to nearby Johnny’s Seeds in Winslow to pick up a backpack flame weeder…photos to come of a torch-wielding Farmer John killing weeds!  With fire!!  Arghhh!!!  Our final stop of the morning was at a warehouse in Guilford to pick up our seed potatoes from The Maine Potato Lady.  With the van loaded to capacity and a tired Lydia (and tired adults, too) we headed home.

The next morning, Andrew and I drove a truck full of tomato and herb seedlings, eggs, carrots, and parsnips down to Deering Oaks Park in Portland for the very first outdoor farmers’ market of the year!  The turnout was excellent, and after a bit of a chilly start, the weather was, too.  Look for us in the park from here on out each and every Saturday from 7 AM until noon!  We’ll be bringing down more of the same this coming weekend along with more seedling varieties.

Finally, another potluck is coming up soon.  Come on over to the farm on Friday, May 13th from 6 – 9 PM for food and fellowship!  Bring along a dish to share.  If the weather cooperates, we’ll eat outside, so bring along chairs or blankets if you like (we also have a pretty big picnic table we use for such things).  Hopefully, we can get the firepit going, too, for post-meal fire-gazing and maybe even some music.  Hope to see you here!

Pig's eye view of the tractor

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4 Responses to Updates from April into May…

  1. NMFoodie says:

    Love seeing my future garlic flourishing……!

  2. John says:

    Yup! It looks great so far. We’re just happy to finally be getting some other plants into the ground…it’s been a cool, wet spring, and we’re behind on our planting!

  3. Heidi Audet says:

    Hi Sonya,

    Checking to see if there are any shares left. We know where we are going to be living now, so I can comfortably sign up.

    Hope all is well.

  4. John says:

    Hello, Heidi! We do still have shares available, so click on over to the “CSA Sign-up” page, print out the form, and send it on in. Glad you’ll be joining us for another season! Now if only this rain would stop…

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