New Gloucester Village Store

Just a quick shout-out to a wonderful little local eatery Sonya and I have just discovered, the New Gloucester Village Store.  It is located, as stated on their website, “in the heart of New Gloucester lower village” and has been a store for more or less a hundred years now.  For those of you in the area, this place is probably nothing new, but it was new to me as Lydia and I went into the village yesterday to drop off some of our SSF postcards at the New Gloucester town hall and public library.  I figured the store would be another good spot for postcards.  The folks inside were friendly, and I was impressed by the place…a large and varied menu featuring hot and cold sandwiches, wraps, salads, soup specials, wood-fired oven pizza, and more; a wide variety of wine, beer, and general groceries; breads and goodies baked on the premises; a small but sunny seating area; and out back, buried in snow now, a deck for outdoor dining.  I was also impressed by the prevalence of local goods…local beef (“raised just up the road”) was served, veggies in season, locally roasted coffees, and local canned goods (jams, dilly beans, etc.)  Lydi and I left with a couple of excellent cookies and chocolate for Sonya (it was Valentine’s Day, after all).  Today, Sonya and I had a little lunch date there after a morning spent over in Auburn meeting with our NRCS guys.  She had an excellent (and massive) cheese burger, while I tried a bowl of the day’s special chili, made by owner Sam Coggleshall’s mom, accompanied by a slab of foccaccia…wonderful!  And, technophiles, wi-fi is available!  So, support this local endeavor!  I know we plan to get back there soon (for breakfast, perhaps…they make their own bagels!)

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