Thinking spring…

Dawn at SSF after one of our recent snow storms


Hey, how’s everybody doing with all the snow?  OK?  Chin up?  Never fear, spring always appears eventually, and believe it or not, we Summit Spring Farmers will be getting some seeds going out in the greenhouse in a mere 3 weeks or so!  I thought of this the other day as I was waist-deep in the snow on the far side of the greenhouse using a roof rake to drag snow off the structure.  Getting the snow off the greenhouse is one of the most exhausting winter jobs around here, but it’s a necessity…damaged plastic, or worse yet, damage to the steel structure from the snow load would be a disaster.  I gotta say, though, that we’ve been lucky this winter.  We’ve only had to clear the greenhouse once so far, because most of our snow storms this season have been accompanied by serious winds that kept the snow from settling up there.

Sonya and the tractor get ready for snow plowing


An apple tree branch after the recent ice storm


Snow removal and the usual chicken chores keep us busy outside, and inside, Sonya and I have been plowing through more of the mountains of off-season paperwork and planning.  Son has completed the planting schedule for next season, no small feat.  The planting schedule is the farm’s master plan, our season-long “to do” list.  It lists every crop, when it needs to be started in the greenhouse (or when it needs to be seeded directly out in the field), when it needs to be transplanted out, how much gets planted, which varieties get planted when, etc.  I’ve been working some more on this website, adding more photos and content and (hopefully) improving the overall look.  I also have our update forms from MOFGA for our organic certification.  Every year, certified farms have to review and update their info. to ensure that they are in compliance with MOFGA’s strict organic guidelines.  It’s not going to be quite as time-consuming as last year’s initial application, but both Son and I will need to put some time in making sure everything is in order.

Sonya’s off-season education continues, too.  This coming weekend, she’ll be making the long drive west for the annual NOFA Vermont Winter Conference (great title:  “Room at the Table:  Working Together for our Food Future”) at the University of Vermont in Burlington.  There will be workshops and lectures, great food, and the always-rewarding opportunity to meet and mingle with other farmers.  She’s also really excited for the pair of conference keynote speakers, the authors Shannon Hayes and Bill McKibben.

Finally, another potluck is on the horizon.  On Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, between 5 and 9 PM we invite you to stop by, say hello to us as well as your neighbors, friends, and fellow CSAers, and chow down.  Please bring a dish to share!  Sometimes spontaneous musical extravaganzas burst into being after the feast, so bring along an instrument if you like.  See you soon!

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