Farewell, carrots, and hello to a new squash

The end had to come sometime, and it came this past Saturday at the Portland Winter Farmers’ Market.  We sold all but a couple pounds of our carrots.  It was a good run!  Don’t despair too much, though, root lovers…we still have plenty of beets and rutabaga left, plus eggs, of course (though the gals have slowed way down…this is typical in the winter months).  Shoot us an e-mail if you’d like to continue receiving weekly veggie reminders.  I don’t know that we’ll be back in Portland for the winter market.  With veggie varieties and quantities running low, it’s probably not worth it.  We’ll let you know here and on Facebook if that changes.  Thanks to everyone for your support of the farm at the winter market!

Sibley squash

Also this week at market, I was pleased to have the opportunity to sell some Sibley squash grown by our friends and neighbors, Katarina and Hiram Sibley.  This heirloom squash was introduced in 1887 by Hiram Sibley & Co. of Rochester, New York (that’s our friend’s great-grandfather).  Katarina and Hiram grow the squash and have recently begun to sell the seeds to Fedco.  Sibley squash is similar in flavor and appearance to hubbard squash.  It is an excellent storage squash that is picked green and then ripens around this time of year.  The fruit turns a lovely orange and yellow when ripe.  The flesh is orange, too, and very creamy, and it was a big hit at market.  We’ll be growing Sibley squash here next season and look forward to sharing it with our CSA members and market customers!

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