2011 apprentices on board!

We received word a few weeks back that a young couple who visited the farm and spent a day working with us this past fall have decided they would like to sign on to be our farm apprentices for the 2011 season!  We’re thrilled to have Andrew and Christina with us and look forward to getting to know them and to helping them learn the ins and outs of organic veggie production, chicken care, working with the CSA model and farmers’ markets, etc.  They were nice enough to send along a photo and little bio, too, which I’ll post below.  They will be joining us in mid-April.

In their own words:  Christina Spurling and Andrew Trepanier are recent graduates of Gordon College, MA, where Christina received BA degrees in music and visual art and Andrew in music and linguistics. Having worked as gardeners and farmstaff for the past summers, they are excited to explore a new way of life as apprentices with Sonya and John.

Christina grew up on Little Cranberry Island, ME. She likes the model of CSA because it reflects the way she was raised by a small island community. She enjoys painting, playing chamber music and making things grow. Andrew is from a community of French Canadian immigrants in Rochester NH. From a young age he has been attracted to the natural beauty of the Earth and feels strongly about his commitment to live in a way that is beneficial to the planet. He enjoys playing guitar, knitting and gardening.

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