Potluck and a heckuva market

Folks, a reminder that the very first Summit Springs Farm potluck of 2011 is happening this Thursday, Jan. 13th from 5-8 PM. Bring the kids, bring a dish to share, bring musical instruments and singing voices if you like, and enjoy the opportunity to meet and mingle with your neighbors and fellow CSAers! These gatherings are always a lot of fun, and part of the fun for us is never knowing who or how many will show up.  Sometimes the potlucks are intimate, around-the-table kinds of things with 8 or 10 people….sometimes they are lively, rip-roaring gatherings with 20+ folks filling the house, chatting away, and enjoying the food.  What will this one be?  Either way, we love it and love the sense of community these gatherings bring.  Hope to see you here!

The first Portland Winter Farmers’ Market has come and gone, and what a market it was!  We were one of 16 or 17 vendors who attended the market this past Saturday and set up early in the morning in the main hall at the Maine Irish Heritage Center.  The doors opened at 9 AM, and it didn’t take long at all for the room to fill with Portlanders eager to have access once again to quality, local foods.  The vibe at the market was really something special.  I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced such a strong, positive sense of excitement and appreciation from my market customers.  This energy, plus some excellent bluegrass music, made for a very good day.  Plus, we sold out of just about everything…always nice!  If you live in Portland and can make it down on Saturdays between 9 AM and 1 PM, you really should.  There’s a nice array of vendors:  all manner of veggies, meats, prepared foods, honey and maple syrup, and even wool are available.  Also, regular music is planned, and there’s even a kids’ area with books and games to keep the young’uns occupied.  We’ll be out of town this Saturday but look forward to being back at the market on Jan. 22nd!



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