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Market updates and happy gobble gobble!

It’s awfully quiet around here these days.  The pigs are gone…to the Windham Butcher Shop last Sunday, processed on Monday, and picked up by Ezra and I on Wednesday in a radically new form.  Thank you, Toot and Puddle.  I … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: A Monday Morning in November

Specifically, it was Monday, November 7, 2011, a gorgeous, sunny, warm autumn day, and we were all outside soaking it in and chipping away at some farm work.  An important day for Ezra, too, his 2-month birthday…he slept through much … Continue reading

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Naked sheep

I think we may be the worst shepherds ever. Just before some really frigid weather hit along with a freak October snowstorm, we finally sheared the sheep! Sorry, sheepies! Cold enough for ya? Actually, we didn’t shear anyone. The work … Continue reading

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Let it snow, and 2012 is a go

Happy Halloween, all!  That snow storm on Sunday was pretty scary, huh?  We have a ton of unfinished business out in the fields, but we’ve accepted that some things just might not get done as a result of the storm…some … Continue reading

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